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Welcome to mcdonalds-menu.today, we are all about giving you knowledge on McDonald’s menu in the United States.

Whether you love the classics or are curious about special treats from different places, we have got it all covered.

Our main aim is to cover all information related to the McDonald’s menu in the US, helping you to choose your meal menu yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

From the usual burgers and fries to unique limited-time items, we want to show you all the tasty options at McDonald’s spots in the USA.

Our dedication to accuracy and keeping things up-to-date makes us stand out.

Our team works hard to research and update info so you always have the latest on McDonald’s menu items in the United States.

Explore our easy-to-use website for menu items, prices, ingredients, calories, nutritional info, and reviews.

We want to make your McDonald’s experience better, whether you’re a regular or checking out the Golden Arches for the first time.

Join us on a global food adventure, discovering the yummy American McDonald’s menu.

Your happiness is our top priority, and we’re here to make your browsing experience enjoyable.

Thanks for choosing mcdonalds-menu.today as your guide to all things McDonald’s menu.

Here’s to many more tasty moments under those golden arches!

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Sophia Clark

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Benjamin Davis


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