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Big Mac

McDonald’s Big Mac is prepared with delicious components, like two beef patties, a Big Mac bun, lettuce, mac sauce, cheese, onions, and pickles.

American processed cheese adds a great taste to the Big Mac burger, while pickle slices contribute a bold flavor to this impressive burger on McDonald’s Burgers Menu in the US.

McDonald’s US offers a Big Mac Combo Meal also.

The Big Mac Combo Meal comes with our World Famous Fries and your choice of Coca-Cola or other drinks.

McDonald’s Big Mac price USA

McDonald’s Big Mac Costs: $5.10-$5.25 (Average)

Burger NamePrice
(Big Mac) Most Expensive in Hawaii (USA)$5.31
(Big Mac) Lowest in Mississippi (USA)$3.91

*Note: The price mentioned here may vary depending on the location of the McDonald’s Restaurant in the United States.

Big Mac Ingredients USA

  • Big Mac Bun
  • Big Mac Sauce
  • Beef Patty
  • Shredded Lettuce
  • Pickle Slice
  • Pasteurized American Cheese (Processed)
  • Onions (Shredded)

Big Mac Calories USA

Calories in KCALCalories in KJ
Report of Big Mac Calories McDonald’s

Big Mac Nutrition USA

Nutritional Listg/mg(%) Daily Value
Saturated Fat11gram56%
Fibre (Dietary)3gram11%
Sugar (Added)7gram14%
Total Sugar9gram
Fat (Trans)1gram
Total Fat34gram44%
Protein 25gram
Total Carbs46gram17%
Vitamin D00
Big Mac nutrition facts label Report

This table discusses Percent Daily Values (DV), based on a 2,000-calorie diet.

big mac allergens

Big Mac allergens contain info given below:

  • Wheat
  • Sesame
  • Egg
  • Soy
  • Milk

McDonald’s Big Mac review

In this review, I will talk about the McDonald’s Big Mac in the US.

It is a very famous burger in most of the country.

You have probably had it in your own country since it is everywhere, made with some good kinds of ingredients.

When I tasted it, I loved the mix of flavors – the tastier beef patty (100% Pure USDA Inspected Beef), onions, yummy cheese, lettuce, and a good amount of pickle.

The McDonald’s Big Mac burger needs a big bite to enjoy all the flavors.

It is a rich experience, with a yummy and creamy texture that makes it even better.

Also, the Big Mac burger smells very good. I loved this burger.

FAQs of Big Mac

Is Big Mac available all day?

How much does the Big Mac cost in the USA?

Is Big Mac dairy-free?

Is the Big Mac gluten-free?

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