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Mustard Packet

The little yellow McDonald’s Mustard Packet plays a big role in making your McDonald’s meal extra tasty.

Even though it looks small, it adds a classic and yummy flavor to different foods.

Simple Mustard Packet Ingredients:

  • Distilled Vinegar: Gives a sharp taste.
  • Mustard Seed: Adds a special tang.
  • Salt: Boosts the flavor.
  • Water: Makes it smooth.
  • Spice Extractive: Adds depth to the taste.
  • Turmeric and Paprika: Adds heat and color.

More Than McNuggets: While it is great with Chicken McNuggets, you can use it in other ways too:

  • Try it with fries instead of ketchup.
  • Put a bit on your burger for a different taste.
  • Mix it into salad dressing for a savory flavor.

The best part is how easy it is. Each packet is just enough for one use, so no messy bottles.

You can find it at every McDonald’s, making it super suitable.

Even though it’s simple, people love the McDonald’s Mustard Packet.

It has a familiar taste that has stood the test of time.

Next time you’re at McDonald’s, give it a try; you might be surprised at how good it is!

Also, try the Mayonnaise Packet and Ketchup Packet, which are very delicious.

McDonald’s Mustard Packet Price

McDonald’s Mustard Packet Costs $0.00 in the USA. (Average)

Item’s NameItem’s Price
McDonald’s Mustard Packet Price in New York$0.00

*Note: The price mentioned here may vary depending on the location of the McDonald’s Restaurant in the United States.

McDonald’s Mustard Packet Calories

Calories in KcalCalories in KJ
McDonald’s Mustard Packet Calories Report

McDonald’s Mustard Packet Nutrition Information

Nutritional Listg/mgDaily Value (%)
Dietary Fiber0gram1%
Total Carbs0gram0%
Saturated Fat0gram0%
Added Sugars0gram0%
Trans Fat0gram0%
Total Sugar0gram
Total Fat0gram0%
Vitamin D0mcg0%
McDonald’s Mustard Packet Nutritional Report

This table discusses Percent Daily Values (DV), based on a 2,000-calorie diet.

McDonald’s Mustard Packet Allergens

No allergens contained are found in the McDonald’s Mustard Packet.

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